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Last Updated: August 23, 2013 7:31 PM

UFO Dictator #9 - It's About Time

LOCATION: 411 Club 411 N. Westnedge, Kalamazoo MI 49007
PRICE: Friday $5.00, Saturday $8.00
TIME: doors at 8:00pm both nights. Friday bands start at 9pm, Saturday bands start at 8:30pm
18+ with an ID

UFO Dictator 7 - This Time It's Personal
LOCATION: both shows at Louie's Trophy Haus Grille 440 East North Street Kalamazoo, MI 49007-3533 (269) 385-9359
PRICE: both shows cost $7 each
TIME: both shows the doors are at 8pm and start at 9pm
AGES: 18+ with an ID



Fri Sept 2 Night #1
MIKE HARD BAND (Detroit/Kalamazoo, MI - (All star line up takes on the God Bullies, Thrall and Hand Over Head song catalog!)

The HUSSY (Madison, WI)

The HEMMINGERS (Coldwater, MI)

SWEET BROWN (Coldwater, MI)

Sat Sept 3 Night #2

The WHORES OF BABYLON (Michigan, MI - members of Hemmingers, Mesa, Boom & The Legion Of Doom) 

BAD INDIANS (Ypsilanti, MI - ex Metal Teeth) 

QUAALUDES (Grand Rapids, MI - members of THE AMOEBAS)

NO BAILS (Kalamazoo, MI - includes 1 Menthol) 

UFO Dictator 6!

Come to Kalamazoo Michigan for 3 days of fun at the end of August for the 6th annual UFO Dictator show. This is the first time that we have had repeat bands. Makes sense.
Presented by UFO Dictator Records, Blackjack Productions and 89.1 WIDR FM.

8.27 UFO Dick Tazer 6 night one
Louie's Trophy Haus Grille 440 East North Street Kalamazoo, MI 49007-3533 (269) 385-9359
$6.00 doors at 8pm starts at 9pm sharp

(Columbus Discount Records - Columbus, OH) 1:00 AM
FEY GODS (HoZac Records - Columbus, OH) 12:00 AM
DRUGS DRAGONS (Parts Unknown - Milwaukee, WI) 11:00 PM
ESPECIALLY GOOD (PRTY NGG! Records - Detroit, MI) 9:45 PM
DEAUXERZ (Kalamazoo, MI) 9:00 PM

DJs: Brad Miller, Baby Hooks
MC: Mickey Mac

8.28 UFO Dick Tater 6 night two
The Strutt 773 West Michigan Avenue Kalamazoo, MI 49007-4518 (269) 492-7200
$10.00 doors at 8pm starts at 9pm sharp

(In The Red Records - Seattle, WA) 1:00 AM
COCOCOMA (Goner - Records - Chicago, IL) 12:00 AM
RED RED RED (Big Kneck - Detroit, MI) 11:00 PM
MENTHOLS (UFO Dictator Records - Kalamazoo, MI) 9:45 PM
MINUTES (Kalamazoo, MI) 9:00 PM

John Hoppe, Lindsey Crappor
MC: Mickey Mac


August 11, 2010

menthols-michigan works

The Menthols - Michigan Works LP out now!

Kalamazoo's favorite downer vibe shit rockers have their debut full length out at last. 9 songs inspired by Michigan's crumbling infrastructure, nautical naughtiness, lack of single females with jobs and psych meds, ass pockets of whiskey, fucking people fucking complaining, post-pocyclypse, fashions under $5, and that generally oppressive feeling you get in your 30s when you realize for the 35,000th time that shit sucks and this is all you've got. A hammered celebration of fucked up life. Best dudes! To say that they have an ear for The Cheater Slicks, Feedtime, The Kids, and Hawkwind goes with saying.

Recorded in Sean Barney's living room. Mixed up nice by Jim Diamond at Ghetto Recorders in Detroit. Mark Richardson at Prairie Cat mastered it for vinyl. Pressed at United. Wormy cover art by Jeff The Snake. Silk-screening done by Ryan Brown at Goldfish Prints.

100 copies on green vinyl, mail-order only.This edition come with: a CD of the record, insert, plus more.
400 copies on black vinyl with beautiful silk-screened covers.

$14.00 in the United States
$15.00 in Canada and Mexico
$22.00 in the rest of the world

paypal to: ufodictator (at) gmail (dot) com


December 25, 2009

I uploaded my 2009 annual mix CD for you to download. Make it nice and click here to download it.

The website is broken. Now it is trimmed down.

Check out the Wanton Looks video for "Worst Side of Me" featured on the latest UFO Dictator Records release. I'd Buy That For A Dollor Vol. 2!

Here's some nice records for sale. Please buy some. Save on shipping if you buy more than 1. Good times.

(UFO-007) I'd Buy That For A Dollar Vol. 2 7" EP compilation

I'd Buy That For A Dollar Vol. 2 7"


A1 CAVE WEDDINGS - Just Like a Fool (Albany, NY)
A2 USELESS EATERS - Surrounded (Memphis, TN)
B1 GUT REACTIONS - What Are We Doing (Milwaukee, WI)
B2 WANTON LOOKS - Worst Side of Me (Chicago, IL)

100 blue vinyl
300 black vinyl

Cover artwork by Ben Lyon. Silk screened covers by Ryan Badgoldfish Brown!
The blue vinyl variant is limited to 1 per person and it will have more bonus goodies inside of it besides the normal stuff that you are used to.

$5.00 in the United States

(UFO-006) I'd Buy That For A Dollar Vol. 1 7" EP compilation

I'd Buy That For A Dollor Vol. 1 7"


A1. BLACK ORPHAN - Parasitic Mind
A2. MENTHOLS - R Is for Russia
B1. LEGENDARY WINGS - 20,000,000 Miles to Earth
B2. LOS STEAKS - Pills

100 green vinyl
300 black vinyl

Shitty covers at the copy store by UE and Dutch Herc designs.

$5.00 in the United States

(UFO-005) THROBBIN URGES - Out For Blood 7" EP

The THROBBIN URGES aborted their Midland Dow Chemical, chromosomally damaged careers to bring their Napalm breath trash punk to shit all over Kalamazoo's supremely bland college rock wasteland.  Dude, bro.  This is their 3rd record following the split 7" with MATT COPPENS, and their LP on Dead Beat Records.  For fans of clowning on Clown Metal, thee olde tyme hockey, and casting charm.

A1: Out For Blood
A2: Iconoclast
B: Rich Daddie (the DICKS!)

100 copies on swell red bloody vinyl with penultimate MS Draw, working at the photo lab computer fucking bored as shit, cover. LIMIT 1 PER PERSON.  Look inside the record for a limited edition offer!  Limited Ed!!
300 copies totally black with gnarly silk-screened cover.

$4.00 in the United States

(UFO-004) BLACK ORPHAN - Circuits 7" EP


BLACK ORPHAN is a secret group of hyper-evolved troglodytes creating spaced funeral music that makes Wilma Deering shed 25th century spandex with the swiftness. Internet rumor has it that a current member of The SPITS is positioned somewhere within the escape pod, hopefully close to the SCSI port. Sounds like a 1982 cable access version of Robinson Crusoe On Mars horrifically tape-traded in Betamax, amongst collectors, with decayed fidelity. The cover glows in the dark. GLOWS, BROS! Recorded using hardcore machine language.


A1: XX Spectrum
A2: Singularity
B1: Online
B2: Circuits

100 copies on fancy gold vinyl with glow in the dark FX.
300 copies real black. Covers glow in the dark as well.


(UFO-003) MENTHOLS - The Miracle Slip b/w Rats & Insects 7"

Menthols first record is finally coming to a close. From the ashes of Kalamazoo seminal fluid band, The Breaks, comes Sean Barney & Justin Miller's newest venture in banding. By enlisting The Wild Card, Dutch Hercules, and Clams drummer, Jeff The Snake, a true Kalamazoo super group was made. The Breaks were notorious for their non-vocal approach but here you get Sean's snarl and Dutch's bellow all up in your face. Compared to The Cheater Slicks and Hawkwind on the tussin, shit I even hear some Cosmic Psychos groove in there. Recorded very nicely by Jim Diamond at Ghetto Recorders in Detroit, MI.


A: The Miracle Slip
B: Rats & Insects

100 copies soothing, cooling menthol green. Dutch Hercules did the covers and they are no joke and full of reality.
300 copies black vinyl. Jeff The Snake's awesome draw hands were all over this shit, trippin!


(UFO-002) MESA - Child Of Thunder b/w In Cold Blood 7"

Mesa's first record = good times.  Portage and Schoolcraft bros have teamed up in an arid, post-apocolyptic Michigan to bring the heavy tunage.  Obvious sonic comparisons would be Sabbath, Lizzy, or Witchfinder General.  Featuring members of Jihad, Nobody's Favorite, Quixote, '74 Jailbreak, Firesale, and Kiss Me Quick. Recorded by Jim Diamond at Ghetto Recorders in Detroit, MI.


A: Child Of Thunder
B: In Cold Blood

100 copies red vinyl. Queen II inspired poses and mailorder only, get yours now!
300 copies black vinyl.  Matt did up the covers real nice like, black as fuck.

$4.00 in the United States

(UFO-001) METAL TEETH - Wild Eyes 7" EP

The Metal Teeth Wild Eyes E.P. (UFO-001) check their myspace page for toonage

What? 4 songs of mayhem and fancy no-frills rock'n'rule plus enriched good times for your mind
Vital stats? 100 copies - clear vinyl, rotten covers, mail order only
Critical stats? 300 copies - black vinyl, varient covers, no Plasma cards though
When? out now, brothers and sisters
Distributed by? Goner, Goodwill, Delightful Diversions, and hopefully Biblez For Mexico Thrift Store (fingers crossed)
Located? in your grocer's freezer section next to the tons o' cutlets and biter bisquits

$4.00 in the United States

Check back for more new and better records in 2010.

There is seriously going to be a Menthols LP as Sean and I were just rapping about sequencing the album. I believe that Jim Diamond is going to master and EQ the tracks for full blown out boooshit but nice sounding ya know? Also in the works:

Plexi 3 7"
Legendary Wings 7"
a few more I'd Buy That For A Dollar 7" compilations (at least 2 more have tracks and or bands recording)
Drugs Dragons 7"
Menthols LP
Black Orphan 12"
Menthols 7"

Buy some records that I have put out so that I can put out more records. Please and thanks and I love you all.


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